4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Chatbot

Cars are flying, AI-powered robots are learning their own languages, and Amazon is delivering packages via drones (and slowly taking over the world)… we’re officially in the future. It’s an exciting and scary time in human history. The technological potential we have at our fingertips is powerful, and it’s lending itself to revolutionary developments in every industry today.


One of the more common futuristic “bots” that you’ve probably interacted with already is the chatbot.

What is a chatbot, and why should you care about them?

A chatbot is an Internet robot that runs automated tasks over the Internet. Curated specifically for consumer interaction, chatbots are programmed to run tasks that are structurally repetitive. They can interact with an infinite amount of individuals at the exact same time.

Chatbot Benefits

1. Customer Service Support: Chatbots can handle an unlimited amount of questions from consumers in a single second. No matter how good your administrative assistant may be, chatsbots are better.

2. Accuracy: Chatbots are pre-programmed with your desired answers before they are launched. That means: they will never provide an incorrect answer to your clients. How many times have you typed out your email or phone number incorrectly? Exactly.

3. Time-Saving: All of the time you previously spent answering digital questions can now be focused on other, more pressing tasks for your business.

4. Customization: You can customize your chatbot answers however you like! If you want your bot to be funny, make it a snarky robot. If you want it to be serious, that’s ok, too. The options are endless.

Facebook Chatbots

Chatbots are infiltrating websites, platforms, mobile apps, social media sites, and soon-to-be iMessage. Though they are beneficial for all requirements today, we specialize in building out Facebook Messenger chatbots for your business. With 1.4 billion people using Facebook and the Messenger tool every single day to communicate, chances are, they’re going to drop into your business inbox with some questions and concerns of their own. Greet them with an intelligent, resourceful chatbot that will point them in the right direction immediately.

Here at SocialMe we are now offering comprehensive Facebook chatbot creation. You can also find information on the Websites While U Wait platform.

Consider adding your very own chatbot to your business operation this year.