5 Amazing Social Media Campaigns for Thanksgiving

Now is the perfect time of year to really capitalize from the holiday spirit and get your social media fans excited. With Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday, followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the opportunities abound for you to really strike up an emotional campaign or advertisement that will resonate with your audience.

If you’re in a pinch for time running to the grocery store for your turkey right now, here are 5 amazing social media campaigns you can use this week:

1. Macy’s Day Parade:

Everyone turns on the parade Thursday morning. Make a game out of it! Offer up a prize to the consumers who tweet answers to your live question-based tweets during the parade. You can host the same kind of contest on Facebook or Instagram as well.

2. It’s the Giving Season:

Give thanks and give back to charities this holiday season. Now is a great time to post about charities you believe in on your social media pages. Your consumers will respect you as a business, and probably click on the link to check it out.

3. FOOD:

Everyone loves food. Ask your followers to tag you in pictures of their posted food. It will give you exposure with their friend circle when they see your brand tagged. Again, you can make a contest out of it, and offer up prizes to people who tag you in more than 10-photos.

4. Grateful Giving:

You could offer a Black Friday discount to people who check into your Facebook page on Thursday. By checking in, these people will be broadcasting your brand to their followers – and trust us, there are a LOT of people perusing Facebook on Thanksgiving, wasting time instead of talking with estranged family members.

5. Dress Up:

Everyone loves to see someone having fun and walking around in a costume. Get your business owner or someone at your operation to dress up for Thanksgiving fun. These are great posts for Wednesday and Thursday, encouraging your followers to share your post. You can even Go Live dressed in a turkey costume – who wouldn’t love that?

It’s not too late to work the Thanksgiving marketing angle. Try one of these campaigns for boosting your sales before Black Friday.