Facebook launches an app for Virtual Reality goggles

Virtual Reality (VR) is all the rage today. Engineers are gearing up for what is going to undoubtedly be the next hottest thing for a decade or so, and Facebook wants to, of course, be part of the hype. As the home to over 25 million 360-degree photos and close to 1 million immersive videos, Facebook has decided they want users to be able to experience this content from a VR perspective.

To make it possible, Facebook got fancy and released an app last week, Facebook 360, that is compatible with strictly Samsung Gear VR and other Gear VR-related goggles. Though it doesn’t resemble the normal Facebook app, Facebook 360 still provides users with the ability to “react” to the content, as well as share it to their Facebook 360 timelines.

Facebook 360 has four separate feeds at users fingertips: content from followed friends, saved content, an explore feed for finding new content, and a timeline option that strictly displays your own personal 360 content.

Facebook, this week, stated that they hope to bring Facebook 360 to additional headsets in the future. They plan to add more social features and improve upon the app experience every week until it wields the same power the main platform has today.

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