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Content marketing

We provide photography, campaign development, and content marketing consultations for all businesses.

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website design & development

We offer website, as well as webpage, design and development, plus hosting packages.


social media marketing 

We create social media content calendars, oversee posting to Facebook & Twitter, and partake in Influencer Marketing.

Not sure which social media platforms are best for your brand?


We begin the social media marketing process by developing a one-month content calendar for you to vet and approve. Original graphics with your watermarked logo are included. We take it one step further by providing a free consultation for getting started and making recommendations unique to your brand.


Maintaining a responsive website is absolutely critical.


Today, your customers check out your website before they decide if they want to patronize your business or not. Your website is your storefront, your calling card, and your personality all rolled into one. It MUST be amazing.


Every brand could use some high-quality blog content.


By blogging regularly on your website, you will be promoting your brand with high quality content, improving your website's indexed pages, and contributing to your brand's SEO growth using your identified keywords. Not sure what your business keywords are? It's time we get started.


Does your business need better photography content?

Content is KING today, which means the photography you display to consumers on your website and social profiles better be top notch. We provide onsite photography services, influencer modeling with products, and digital photography consultations to any type of client.


Influencer Marketing is here to stay.

Groups of social media gurus have managed to amass interactive audiences under their personal brands today. By working with these individuals, you'll be able to promote your products and services using some of the most influential sellers in the game. We offer partnerships with both micro and macro influencers.


You don't have to master digital marketing all on your own!

SocialMe University is a branch of SocialMe Media that provides monthly workshops and training related to social media marketing, content marketing, Instagram influencing, website building, and the list goes on.