Which social media platforms are best for your business?

Social media is constantly expanding and refining itself into niche markets today. What used to be just Facebook is now dozens of specialized social media platforms catered to specific audiences.

With these new social media platforms come more opportunity to connect with online communities tuned into exactly what your business has to offer. We are constantly researching and mastering these platforms so we know exactly which channels to social media market your business.

We break our management down to the 8 most popular social media platforms today: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

For starters, every single business should be on Facebook. Over 1 billion people are active on Facebook. If anyone is going to be on social media, their first choice is Facebook.

After Facebook, the platforms get sorted into visual versus non-visual platforms. Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube fall into the highly visual platforms. If you’re a business that has a lot of eye candy, you need to be on these platforms. The most used visual platform is Instagram. It is incredibly important if you run a hair salon, tattoo studio, pet store, etc. that you have an Instagram to constantly familiarize your audience with photos of your services. The new generation of buyers, people under 21, have stated their preferred social media platform is Instagram over Facebook, many of them starting to not even make Facebooks.

For non-visual, Linkedin, Twitter, and Google+ are the way to go. Twitter is recommended first as it is a perfect place to showcase your business goals, personality, and wit, all in a concise 140 character Tweet. Businesses are highly active messaging and connecting with one another on Twitter.

If you’re more of a serious, recruitment-style business, Linkedin is the official professional social media platform. The perfect platform for talking with other professionals or scouting talent, Linkedin is an easy way to show others you mean business.

Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest all have their niche markets, too, though they are not as prominent as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. YouTube is perfect for building an online personality through videos; Pinterest is the ultimate eye-candy platform for “pinning” aesthetics that align with your company; Tumblr is a massive blogging-meets-photos platform where the entire world of 14-24 year olds thrive; and Google+ is a less-active Linkedin that links your company to Gmail.

The ultimate goal is to be on all of these platforms eventually to make sure you’re not missing out on any specific markets. But for starters, Facebook is a must, followed by Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin depending the visual nature of your business. SocialMe can help.