3 classic business struggles & how to overcome them

Almost everyone at one point or another fantasizes about founding and running their own business. Being one’s own boss, making one’s own hours and schedules, and deciding what is right and wrong at the end of the day is very enticing. We all want some control over our daily schedules and travel abilities, and owning a business seems like the perfect avenue for achieving it.

But, like everything good, there comes the bad as well. With owning a business comes a massive amount of responsibility, stress, time management, and discipline that is required to keep it prosperous and lucrative.

Here are 3 classic struggles you will face in business and how best to overcome them.


Probably the number one reason people dream about running their own business is to make their own schedule and manage their own time. But, what people don’t know is that this often becomes the most difficult facet of running a business once the operation is starting to move forward.

Developing the discipline to wake up at a certain hour, work overtime, and work through weekends (often frequently) can be a huge challenge for many business owners. It’s hard to separate personal and professional matters when running a business becomes a 24-7 job.

The best way to overcome this struggle is to incorporate a great deal of organization into the foundation. Buy a daily planner, setup a digital calendar that sends alerts to your phone and laptop, hang up in-person calendars in your workspace, and hire individuals who do the exact same thing. Build an organizational system together, and you will quickly adjust to the proper required hours.


No one wants to fail. No one wants to be told they did it wrong or didn't finish in the end.

Failing is almost a requirement for making it big in business. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, some of the greatest business minds of our time all failed, MULTIPLE TIMES, and even failed to complete college along the way. Business building is a trial and error process, and business owners need to be comfortable with the possible prospect of failing.

To overcome this fear, it helps to read books and magazines about other businesses and startups failures and success stories. Familiarize yourself with what failures are likely, and start developing a Plan B for if they do. Be practical about the prospect. Failure is only possible if you’re trying.


After reading through the first two struggles, you probably guessed this one was coming last. We’ve just run through all the different demands, expectations, and stressful management that come with running and participating in a business. Everything in life comes with balance, and in order to energetically perform at all levels every day, business participants need to find time to unwind.

Mental rest and clarity are critical for optimal performance, and owners need to identify the best ways for them to ease their worried minds.

A great way to overcome this is to build in a gym period every day for stress relief. Set up a “me-time” hour for quality exercise or site seeing. Do something for yourself every day. Explore a new museum, try out a new restaurant, or buy a new book. It’s OK to take a step back. You’ll find your downtime to be some of the best brainstorming periods throughout your week.


These are just 3 of the many classic struggles associated with business. By accepting and studying them ahead of time, you can be prepared to successfully wrestle and conquer them. 

5 Habits of Success

The expression, “a recipe for success,” didn’t come into existence by happenstance. There are core approaches, mindsets, and habits all successful people exemplify throughout their rise to the top. Through discipline, hard work, positive mindsets, proper work-life balances, and hobbies/interest outside of their careers, successful people compartmentalize everything in their lives to make sure their day-to-day schedule is perfectly organized and balanced.

Nothing in excess is good for anyone, and as such, these 5 success habits will illustrate the perfect approach to a well-rounded and admirable lifestyle.

Learning from mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and the sooner people realize that, the better they’ll be throughout their careers. Mistakes mean you’re trying. It’s impossible for someone who takes no risks or goes out of their comfort zone to make a mistake. Learn to embrace mistakes as the most valuable lessons throughout your life. Mistakes perfectly illustrate what you were aiming to achieve, what went wrong, how it affected your end plan, and what you can do to try again.

Without mistakes, the highest standards of success today would not be possible. Life is unpredictable, and nonstop obstacles are going to fall into your path almost every day. A success habit is analyzing the mistake and using it as apart of your future plan to do even better. Don’t get discouraged the next time you mess up – it’s the most pristine form of education for the success of your future.

Create systems to stay organized

Organization is absolutely key to being successful. A successful person never loses papers, forgets materials for presentations, or mistakenly misses conference calls and important client calls. There is no room to be disorganized as a successful person.

Now, it’s important to note that organization does not come easily to some people. Successful people know how to identify if that is a weakness of theirs, and develop systems to keep them organized. Buy a calendar, create a Google Doc calendar system, make a color-coded checklist next to your computer, or hire someone whose organizational skills are unmatched. Whatever your style, develop a system that makes it impossible for you to ever miss an assignment or conference call.

Commit to that system, and let it accompany you on your growth to success.

Dump the mediocre people in your life

We’ve all been there. Everyone has that one friend who always doubts everyone’s dreams and aspirations. We all know that one person who is too scared to ever take any risks. So, when one of their friends attempts a risk, the negative Nancy can’t wait to tear them down.

A recipe for success does not include people like that anywhere in it. It’s going to be hard enough to keep your eye on the prize and clean up your lifestyle. The least you can do is shed people who don’t align with a lifetime of productive goal seeking.

Surround yourself with likeminded people who want the same big things out of life that you do. Together, you’ll be able to pool your ideas and motivation to build each other up along the way. Drop the mediocre dead weight – there’s no room for them on the ladder to success.

Focus your time on things that lead to success

This one might sound a little obvious, but just think about it for a second. If you’re focusing all of your free time on watching a television show, drinking at bars, or obsessing over a video game, none of those things are going to contribute to your work ethic, drive, and skill-set to be successful. Take a moment to take a step back from your life, and look at the areas you can improve upon.

Instead of grabbing that late night video game, why not use that hour to go to the gym and improve your health? Or instead of grabbing a drink on a Tuesday night, why not read industry blogs on how you can advance your company?

Shift your mentality to one of success, and the rest of your time and hobbies will fall into place with it.

Establish a healthy work-life balance

Often a difficult challenge for many hard workers who love their jobs, the people who climb to the very top are the ones who are able to shut off their work obsession to spend time with a significant other and their family. A work-life balance is so important for mental stability, clarity, and not burning out by age 35. Allow yourself to fall in love and invest in a relationship. You’re going to need the emotional support to keep climbing the ladder of success.

Take a moment to breathe every day, and text your kid about how his school day is going. Work isn’t everything, and some of the most successful habits we form are not work related at all. Being positive, smelling the flowers, sleeping restfully, and eating healthy are all critical parts of being a successful person. Take a step back from it all, and allow yourself to enjoy the little things in life.