Instagram rolls out “Instagram Live” for Live Video Marketing

Well, we were already calling 2016 the year of Live Video Marketing, and Instagram just solidified it with the official rollout of their Instagram Live feature. Now, business owners, marketers, and branders galore can Live Video their tips, tricks, and surroundings on more than just Facebook. It’s a social media marketing dream come true.

Instagram’s latest Live Video move comes at a time when the app is aggressively trying to associate its platform with more video posting and less picture sharing. Instagram knows the world is heading towards a heavy Live Video Marketing age, and it doesn’t want to be left in the dust as the place for simply pretty and eye-catching pictures.

Now, when users go on Instagram, they can access their Instagram Stories from the top left icon, and swipe right to “Go Live” for all friends to watch. The Instagram Stories feature, a relatively new development as well that enables users to post 24-hour photos and videos (JUST LIKE SNAPCHAT) before they’re taken down, will now play host to going live for any Instagram user. Once the user goes live, Instagram will take it upon themselves to fetch and build an audience, like Facebook, and even message friends directly about the live broadcast.

Is Instagram Live any different from Facebook Live?

Not really, but there are a few subtle differences. Instagram Live will notify users by placing a live icon over the username in any given Instagram feed. Additionally, once the broadcast is complete, Instagram will leave it up for only 24-hours before it is removed. On Facebook, however, Live Videos exist for an infinite amount of time once the video wraps up. Lastly, users will be able to “pin” their favorite comments to the top of the broadcast feed while rolling.

Overall, the two features are incredibly similar, enabling users to disable comments, connect with friends in real-time, and market their hearts out.

So, if you’re a business owner trying to cut through the social media noise, here is yet another way for you to directly, in real-time, connect with your consumer base in a personal, one-on-one kind of way.

Why quality is better than quantity when it comes to social media marketing

Social media marketing is still a relatively new marketing channel available to businesses today. It wasn’t so long ago that marketers were calling social media a “fad” that would fade away into the advertising past. With no concrete ability to measure ROI, critics argued social media would slip in relevance for B2B and B2C marketing.

Fast-forward 5 years and every serious marketer is pouring their money in social media and content marketing. The positive return on investment is increasing, and every business wants a piece of the pie.

With this manic-rush to adopt social media for businesses, a few misconceptions about the social media marketing arena are harming content marketing prospects for small businesses on the web.

You don’t need to be on every platform

We could start on a whole other topic about which platforms your business should be on given its industry, but we’ll stick to the point here. Quality trumps quantity with social media marketing, and stretching your marketing over 6 platforms isn’t doing your business any favors. The whole point of social media is connecting intimately and personally with consumers over topics that interest them. You need to provide enticing, succinct, and eye-catching content on a regular basis that is going to keep them enthralled with your brand.

By spilling over onto 6 different platforms trying to achieve this special kind of connection, you’re going to lose focus and precise contact with your ideal consumer base.

Quality > Quantity

Building a loyal and active brand following will do wonders for your business. These people will share, like, and comment on your posts for their thousands of friends to see. They’ll tell people about you, recommend you through chat groups and emails, and purchase from you on a regular basis. These are the consumers you want.

Depending on what type of business you operate, technically only 2-3 platforms will truly accomplish this for you. Spreading your reach over 7 isn’t going to do you any favors. Trust us.

Facebook unveils Secret Conversations feature

Facebook unveils Secret Conversations feature

Secret Conversations is a newly encrypted messaging feature in Messenger now live for everyone on Android and iOS operating systems. It is available only for one-on-one conversations, and cannot be retroactively applied to conversations in Messenger.