3 reasons why your business needs a chatbot NOW

It seemed like a fantasy of the future not too long ago when cartoons and TV shows poked fun at using robots for daily human support. There was Karen, Plankton’s computer wife on Spongebob, the Jetsons, My Life As A Teenage Robot, and so many others throughout the last 30 years. Though we don’t quite have teenager robots floating around our streets yet, we do have the creation of chatbots for human-to-robot conversational interaction on a business or brand’s behalf.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence system that interacts with humans over an Internet-based text chat. The interactions can be straightforward, like placing a pizza delivery order, or they can be complex, like troubleshooting a problem with Internet service. The one-on-one business-to-consumer interaction potential just got a whole lot bigger with the implementation of these conversational bots.

Here are 3 reasons why your business needs a chatbot NOW:

1. Scalability

Up until now, humans were tasked with answering business questions and inquiries. That means only a certain volume of questions could be answered every single hour. With a robot, an infinite amount of questions can be fielded and answered in a single second, with perfect, preprogrammed accuracy. Wow.

2. Engagement

Social media may be to blame for this one. Consumers are spoiled today. They’re used to a steady stream of optimized content, persuading them to make purchases. They’re used to direct contact with businesses through social media profiles. Therefore, they expect this kind of engagement on apps and websites. Chatbots are the perfect way to provide them with personalized, instant engagement as often as they want it.

3. Millennials

Whether this word makes you laugh or cringe, millennials are the most powerful consumer group in the world today. How they go about acquiring their purchases is kind of important. It’s no secret that millennials prefer text chats to any other kind of consumer support (we’re looking at you, smartphones). By having a chatbot, you’ll be catering to the most active consumers in the game today.

Still not totally clear on what a chatbot is? Fear not, we do offer comprehensive informational classes in which we teach you about chatbots, how to create them, and how to anticipate questions for your bot to answer. Check out our new teaching branch: