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The value behind Twitter

Twitter is a multi-faceted social media platform that provides many overlooked tools for business owners and personalities today. Utilized by celebrities, politicians, marketers, CEOs, and everyday people looking for a joke or reply, Twitter has countless dimensions to it.

Often the first platform shied away from outside of Facebook, many business owners are scared of Twitter and don’t bother to learn about it. They think making a Facebook page was enough. And although the majority of people 30-75 are on Facebook over Twitter, people shouldn’t be so fast to shove Twitter to the side.

About 85% of followers feel more connected with a small business after following them on Twitter ( That’s a huge amount of people interested in your business who now feel closer to your mission goals, events, product launches, and announcements. Twitter is an excellent platform to showcase your wit and effectiveness to your followers. Limited to 140 characters, Twitter is a fun challenge for emanating as much impactful information as possible while keeping it light, interesting, and enticing.

Essentially a micro-blogging website, Twitter is a perfect place to showcase your values, goals, and accomplishments to your client base. Around 42% of consumers today learn about products and services on Twitter. Not overrun by financially boosted posts quite yet (unlike Facebook), Twitter is a free platform for directly connecting with consumers.

And, it’s so easy! All you have to do is whip out your phone, jot down a thought with an accurate hashtag or two, and hit send. It’s by far the easiest social media platform to manage for your business.

A welcoming community for all opinions, thoughts, facts, and product or business promotion, Twitter is a light-hearted platform with over 750 million users ( Here at SocialMe, we love Twitter. Check out our account: Hire us today to create, launch, and manage a business Twitter that combines the perfect balance of humor, intellect, and informative posts for your future followers.