Why frequency matters for businesses on social media

Few arguments exist today for why a business shouldn’t be on social media. Almost everyone has thrown in the towel and accepted that social media is the number one advertising platform available to businesses as of 2016. Even my grandparents have caved and made social media profiles so they can wish their grandkids happy birthday and repost a few political articles that cause regrettable family bickering.

Since we’ve passed the first hurdle of convincing businesses it’s in their best interest to be on social media, we’re staring down the next one regarding the frequency of their social media posts. Everyone gets that his or her store should have a Facebook page. Not everyone gets the babysitting that goes into successfully managing that Facebook page.

The significance of posting frequency

For the majority of businesses that are on Facebook (50 million as of June 2016), it’s important they understand the value and significance of their posting frequency. Just being on Facebook and creating a page does absolutely nothing for followers or engagement. If anything, it’s detrimental to a brand when a consumer finds their half-completed page with one post on it from 2015. That consumer is going to think they’re either 1) out of business or 2) so technologically illiterate that they can’t figure out Facebook. It’s not a good look.

Posting frequency matters. The average consumer expects at least one post per day from their favorite brand. Prospective consumers and people who are just plain bored looking around the Internet want to be able to familiarize themselves with your brand. The only way for them to do it is if they’re met with hundreds of quality posts queued up on your Facebook page.

The time-consuming dilemma

So many businesses struggle with posting frequency simply because they don’t have the time to post every single day. It becomes a job in itself to keep a fresh, frequent, and sharp social media image. It’s a blessing and curse, providing businesses with a huge platform for advertising, if only they have the time and resources to utilize it.

That’s where we come into play. Don’t let consumers think your business is closed because you post once per month. Give them the information, the graphics, the videos, and the insight they want when it’s time to invest in your business. We know it’s a full-time job – it’s why we’re here.