Facebook unveils Secret Conversations feature

Calling all paranoid Internet chatters and people up to no good on their Facebook Messenger app – Facebook today officially rolled out a Secret Conversations component for their Messenger platform.

What is Secret Conversations?

Secret Conversations is a newly encrypted messaging feature in Messenger now live for everyone on Android and iOS operating systems. It is available only for one-on-one conversations, and cannot be retroactively applied to conversations in Messenger.

Additionally, the feature only works on a single device, as Facebook claims they do not have the infrastructure to distribute encryption keys across phones, tablets, and PCs.

How do I active it?

You have to explicitly start a Secret Conversation in Messenger. Encryption is not the default mode in Messenger, unlike popular platforms like WhatsApp.

To get started, visit your profile section on Messenger and click the human icon. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the Secret Conversations button. You’ll be directed to a new screen for activating the feature.

Once you’ve completed that, you’ll also have to activate it for the specific message you wish to encrypt.

There are two ways to apply Secret Conversations. The first way involves creating a new message as normal. Click the lock icon button at the top of screen. It should turn the interface from blue to black. Now choose your contact, and send the message. They will be forced to switch to encryption mode to be able to read your message.

If you want to do it from a pre-existing message, tap the i icon on the top right-hand corner of the message thread, and click Secret Conversation. The screen should turn to black – and you’re good to go!

No gifs?!

It’s worth noting that gifs, videos, voice calling, and payments are not supported within a Secret Conversation. We know, it just got a little less appealing, huh?